Which program is right for me?

If you are looking for a free event to visit with friends or family, you are most likely best served by our Public Nights. These are entirely free of charge, are geared toward families, and offer all the Observatory can offer — presentations, demonstrations, historical tours and possibly stargazing — if the weather allows.

If you are primarily looking for an educational event with a group, then you should consider Exploring the Stars. This program is geared toward youth and school groups, but we can also host families or other groups. Exploring the Stars is free as well, but the emphasis is on education — there will be hands-on activities and a presentation, but stargazing will only be possible if the weather allows, and is not necessarily the main part of the program. There is no possibility to reschedule if the weather does not allow stargazing.

If you are looking to visit the Observatory with a smaller group in a more private setting where stargazing is expected, you are probably looking for a paid, Private Event. These can be customized to your specific wishes, and can be rescheduled in case of poor weather on the day of the event. However, there is only limited availabilty for such private events, and they come at a cost.